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Why Choosing The CabinetMaker Is Essential to Your Project
The Right Tradesman Will Make All the Difference

Home improvement can be a challenge no matter what you’re doing. Many homeowners quickly find that there are so many details that they never realized they would have to tend to, but these are the details that make the project professional and unique. Choosing the right tradesman often has to do with finding a professional who knows how to foresee all of these details and knows how to look after them so you can save yourself many potential regrets and headaches down the line.

You might not have considered all of the reasons that the right cabinet maker for your project is essential, but here are a few:

Wood is beautiful. It is strong, warm and versatile. Did you know that of the estimated 60,000 different types of timber in the world only about 100 different types are used for construction around your home? Yes, that includes furniture, the lumber used to build your home and even your cabinets. While wood is a sustainable resource, our love of wood still requires that we take care to use as much wood that is FSC certified as possible (For more on the Forest Stewardship Council and her regulations click here).

Not only is it important to consider the source of the wood, but also the possibilities of the wood that’s being used. My appreciation for wood and respect for this resource helps me to craft it into something for your home that is not only long lasting, but is also beautiful.

The right materials make a difference. These days, there is a lot of focus on carefully using our natural resources. In the woodworking industry, this has caused producers of timber products to learn to use as much of a tree as possible. This is why the use of veneer bonded to manmade substances has become so common. Properly using veneer requires expertise and knowledge that I have.

Occasionally, due to aesthetics, strengths or price, the use of wood is not advisable. This is where I work to combine other materials, such as glass, granite, plastics and steel to provide you with the most beautiful, durable, high quality and long lasting cabinets to meet your needs.

It’s personal. Most of the time, when you order cabinets, they are made in a factory in China, shipped to your location and someone else installs them. When you hire The CabinetMaker to make your cabinets, I work with you every step of the way. From design that fits your tastes and needs, to the entire manufacturing process, to installation until you are happy, I will make sure your entire experience leaves you feeling good, not frustrated.

I take pride in my work and I love what I do, which means that I pay attention to every detail of the cabinet design, manufacture and installation process.

It’s what you want.

I know that every client has their own individual tastes and needs when it comes to the look of their home. I will not only work with you to make sure that your furniture looks great, but I work to make sure that you enjoy the whole process, so if something doesn’t look the way you want it to, I will fix it. The key is in the design process, so I always look at each new project with fresh eyes and see your vision. As your cabinetmaker, I feel that each new client has something to teach me and I am eager to work with you so you can have the cabinets you envision; original, functional and completely to your personal style.

I work to ensure that your cabinets are high quality and beautiful, but if you don’t love them, neither do I. I love unique and know you do, too.

I always go the extra mile to ensure that you have exactly what you’re looking for and we don’t consider a job done until it’s a job well done.


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