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This was road of Damascus stuff, love at first sight and I thought, yeah, this is my world.”

Henk Cusveller

My name is Henk Cusveller. I am the owner and principal of The CabinetMaker. I was born and bred in the Netherlands and have lived in Co. Galway since the 90’s.

Making furniture isn’t just something I do, it’s who I am. My father’s father was a furniture maker and as a result, my father has woodworking in his blood and so do I. My brothers and I spent our childhoods helping, learning and building on our own and as a result, we have developed solid skills and a passion for the craft.

My career as a cabinet maker started a little later in life. I had a fruitless degree in food science that was leading me nowhere, so I decided to teach biology. My teaching led me to a field-study position near the Dutch “Wadden Sea.” It was a mucky, wet and cold job most of the time, but I loved it.

I next found myself working in a Youth Hostel. In fact, I was more than working there, I was managing the place! These were old buildings and they needed lots of maintenance and repairs. Raging storms and salty seas had really taken their toll on these buildings and little by little, my background in carpentry started to emerge. I didn’t know it all and I found that I was doing a lot of re-educating and catching up, but working with my hands and the satisfaction of a job well done kept me learning, building and working.

Recession and reorganization left me with a stumbling career until my friends here in Ireland asked if I would be interested in helping them to remodel their home in Co. Wicklow. So, with my wife and daughter at my side, I journeyed here and my new life began. Those same friends later purchased a gorgeous Georgian country home in Co. Galway and more work followed. I did work on that whole house at some time and there wasn’t a finished project that didn’t find me stepping back and looking at my work with pride. From plumbing, wiring, and plastering to glazing, decorating and restoring, I did it all. Before I knew it, I had remodeled my first kitchen. I was beginning to find my place but I needed to know more. It was time for me to enroll in the School for Furniture Making of Bruce Luckhurst in the UK. I imagined that I had the temperament and the patience, but I needed to see if I was good enough.

When I walked into that workshop for the first time, I felt like I was home. I remember thinking This is road to Damascus stuff.” This was love at first sight and I knew that this was my world. Sure, it sounds dramatic, but for me, the light bulb turned on in that moment and I knew I had found my place

With Bruce’s teachings I built a solid basis to all the bits and pieces of skill that I had gathered until this point. I learned to work with the system and to be patient and let the process work, step by step. Not only that, but I reinforced the fundamentals such as setting out, fine tuning hand planes, planing flat and square, cutting dove tails, veneering and sharpening chisels to name a few.

Let me tell you, there wasn’t a moment or a lesson taught that didn’t leave me hungry to learn more. It was scary at times, taking the plunge to learn more than ever, but those challenges showed me all that I could really do.

While in the UK, I was introduced to James Krenov. Through his books and influence I learned to develop my own visions and design abilities. His ideas about enjoyment and relating to the work at hand are still an inspiration.

So, where has all this learning and developing my skills brought me? To The CabinetMaker. I am an independent cabinet maker who works from my base near Tuam, Co. Galway.

This is who I am.

See, I take pride in all aspects of my work. From sales, to design, to providing quotes, meeting with you – my clients – all the way down to the cleaning , I genuinely enjoy what I do. That joy will show through to you, so that you can have a unique piece of furniture that meets your every need and looks just how you imagined it would. My goal is to show you that your wishes can be achieved.

Let me take you on a journey…


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