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At The Cabinetmaker, made to measure is the standard.


How it works

You need something special….

It begins with an idea: Maybe you have a space that you want to fill, but can’t find the right piece of furniture to meet your needs. Perhaps you’re visualizing something customized that you can’t even come close to in the furniture stores. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect wardrobe to fit your perfect space.

You probably know what you need your new furniture to do and how you want it to look once it’s been completed. It’s also very likely that you need help developing what you envision. This is where I come in to help make your furniture into a piece that is completely original and not anything that you would find in your local (or not so local) furniture store.

When you work with The CabinetMaker, you’ll find that original design and made to measure is the standard way that I do business.


It’s a step by step process:

Consultation: The first time we meet, we will sit down and talk about what you’re really searching for. I’ll look at your space and we’ll decide what’s possible and, occasionally, what’s not.

We’ll talk about the high quality materials you’d like to see in your furniture and even discuss your choices of wood.

This is essential because it helps me to get a good idea of the problem you’re facing, the solution you’re seeking and your sense of style. Most of the time, solutions emerge quickly and by the time I leave, we will have come up with a few options for you.

Back to the workshop: This is where I get to work finding the right design for you and your space. I develop solutions for your furniture needs and prepare drawings and a quote for you.

Approval of plans: Once I’ve completed the design and quote, I’ll present it to you and with your approval, the building process can start.

(Usually, there is a lead time of a varying number of weeks.)

Manufacture begins: When I get started, you’ll know. As the project continues, you’ll know. If there are problems, you’ll know and if there are choices to be made, you’ll be consulted. Step by step of the production, you’ll be involved.

Delivery and installation
Before we deliver and install your custom furniture, I make sure to coordinate a suitable time for this to take place. I know that people have lives and I work around your schedule to ensure that your furniture can be properly and carefully installed in its new home. Since the process can take time, my timing with your schedule is important.

The benefits of choosing
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